Rob Accepting award at TCA’s

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Rob Vids of the day.

Yeah, Yeah, I know I’m shamelessly plugging my own creations here but It’s all in the name of Robporn jizzification. You know you love it. Made by my expert, perverted mind….Enjoy.

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2 GQ outtakes de-tagged

My lady bits are once again, alive and well. Thank you, Rob. Lick and save, girls, lick and save. Possible lamination required? 

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Can I get an Awwww

A couple o’ snaps of Rob and his “kids” 😉

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Rob becomes a Daddy!

…Now there’s a headline I thought I’d never type out, but reign it in Robsten shippers it ain’t what ya thinkin’ (is that a universal sigh of relief  hear??) Read on…….

The Twilight hunk, 24, shot a scene with two child actors Mason, 7, and Liam, 5, who were cast as the sons of his character Jacob.

The two boys are also brothers in real life and Mason told a radio station: “We had to keep doing the same scene over and over again so they could see which one they liked better.”

Mason and Liam were also invited to the film’s wrap party which they attended with mum Sonya Gonzales.

Sonya said of Pattinson: “He was so sweet and really nice and let me take a picture.”

Water For Elephants director Francis Lawrence tweeted that the film had wrapped last night.

In the film, Rob plays an orphaned veterinary student in Water for Elephants who takes care of the animals in a travelling circus.

He falls in love with Reece Witherspoon’s Marlena, a beautiful horse rider, who is married.

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Rob singing at songs from a Room


This voice is enough to impregnate me! SWOOOOON

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Rob’s trainer talks about Rob’s work outs!

Harley’s 5-Factor Diet has been a celebrity favorite for quite some time, and his client list includes Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Katy Perry, Seth Rogen, and the Jennifer Hudson who recently

had an incredibly impressive body transformation. I got a chance to chat with Harley about Hudson’s story, his philosophy on exercise and why he discourages his clients from getting too skinny.

Why his diet appeals to the celeb clientele:

“It requires the least amount of time for the most amount of results, and the clients that we have, that’s what they’re looking for. They need to see results, and they don’t have a lot of time to see those results. It also has to be sustainable.”

How he got Robert Pattinson to be even more swoon-worthy:

“We work with him whenever he has a film to get ready for, which is quite often. Right now for the movie he’s doing, ‘Water for Elephants,’ we’re working with him on that. He’s a great client, works hard. Again, not someone who naturally is someone who grew up working out and going to the gym, but it’s part of his job and part of looking good and feeling good.”

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